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iolo is widely recognized as a global leader in the competitive software market. System Mechanic is an award-winning PC development suite designed to repair, accelerate and maintain computers to work like never before. Currently, the best-selling PC debugging product in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Benelux (according to NPD and similar sources), System Mechanic® is used by millions of consumers worldwide. The world to keep more than 80 million computers.
Main advantages of System Mechanic 18:

* Increases speed
Automatically boosts the speed and availability of CPU, RAM, and hard disk resources as you launch high-demand applications for extremely smooth games, edits, and streaming.

* Repair issues
Find and fix more than 30,000 different issues with iolo Labs ™ intelligent live updates to keep your PC stable and error-free.

* Remove Bloat ware
Identifies unwanted start-up programs that slow you down by starting and running without your knowledge.

* Protects confidentiality and security
Safely erases sensitive browsing history and blocks dangerous system changes that compromise speed and stability.

* frees the speed of the Internet
Automatically optimizes hidden Windows Internet settings for faster downloads, faster page loads, less buffering, improved video quality, and smoother games.

* Cleans the clutter
Removes more than 50 types of hidden junk files to free valuable disk space and leave more room for your documents, movies, music and photos.
* Complete Solution: Performs a thorough diagnostic computer inspection.
* Independent, proven laboratory: Many third-party lab tests prove that System Mechanic improves the speed and reliability of computers.
* Science-Based Repair Power: Uses data from iolo Labs to automatically resolve over 30,000 types of issues and errors.
* A wise investment: give old computers new use and keep new computers running smoothly, avoiding headaches and premature replacement costs.
* The choice of the expert: rated as the most effective to improve the performance of personal computers through studies conducted by experts.
* Patented Automatic Maintenance: iolo's patented Active Care technology automatically maintains your PC while it's not in use.
* Unlimited Home License: iolo's revolutionary Whole Home license allows it to be used on all your personal computers. Today, most homes have multiple computers and trying to track the number of software license activations allowed on all computers can become complicated and frustrating as well as expensive. iolo decided to simplify things: iolo products now include a Whole Home® license that allows you to install it at no extra cost on all your home computers. Get more performance and more value with the very first software license that works for all computers in your family.
* Compatible with all versions of Windows: from Windows XP to Windows 10 and beyond, iolo ensures that its products are always up-to-date.
System Mechanic Professional is an all-in-one suite of award-winning PC security and debugging tools that keep PCs in top operating condition. In addition to System Mechanic, it also includes search and recovery software, Drive Scrubber, antivirus and antispyware. System Mechanic Business ™ is a version of iolo's System Mechanic flagship software, specifically designed for small and medium businesses with volume pricing and network usability options.

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Best features of system mechanic and its customer support

We have updated and optimized System Mechanic to make it even faster and more powerful, helping to decongest your Windows operating system and improve the performance of your computer. You can use System Mechanic as a single solution for your PC or in combination with the Phoenix 360 Security and Protection Tool. Choose the option you choose. Now it will be easier than ever to improve the performance of your computer, repairing apparent errors. , eliminate unwanted programs; increase the speed of your Internet connection and much more. Our system mechanic customer support number is a great way to know how system mechanic is useful for you. The functions of system mechanic

1 - Increase the speed of your PC

Due to use, your PC slows down. Some simple tasks that only take a few minutes finally take forever. System Mechanic® solves the problem and offers a full range of enhanced features.
* The Program Accelerator ™ realigns the files and programs to be grouped together. Applications start faster, respond better and offer better performance.
* The Start-up Optimizer ™ automatically detects unnecessary items at start-up or potentially dangerous. Only important programs are loaded.
* Registry Revitalizer ™ solves registry problems and stabilizes Windows.
* Write Accelerator (AcceleWrite ™) prevents fragmentation of files.
* OptiCore ™ unleashes the full power of the processor to meet your demands in real time.
* RAMJet ™ frees memory instantly, just when you need it.
* Core Data Recalibrator ™ is a unique and exclusive technology in the System Mechanic solution that automatically corrects corrupted Windows data.
* AcceleWrite ™ optimizes file organization in both SSD and traditional hard drives.

2 - Automatic problem solving

* System Mechanic® provides you with several tools that will work on the slowdowns of your PC.
* The Repair Wizard (PC Repair Wizard) solves the problems and stabilizes Windows.
* Disk Drive Diagnostics (Drive Medic ™) repairs hard drive errors to prevent data loss.
* A bootable CD allows you to reboot the system when it detects startup problems.
* The Internet Connection Repair (Repair) Tool repairs faulty connections and reconnects the PC.
* Analysis Reports: This tool allows you to get summary reports of the main System Mechanic resolutions. IntelliSatus includes a report on disk space, system memory, performance or even Internet settings.

System Mechanic 18 includes Power Sense ™ technology, which frees your PC from the "Balanced Power" mode that slows the speed of your applications. A brand new feature that allows real-time optimization via System Mechanic. Power Sense ™ automatically detects the user's activities and dynamically changes the power settings of the running PC. Power Sense ™ is complemented by two identical performance modes on the first day:
* Ultra-performance mode: It frees all available power from the computer for intense activities of your PC, such as games, music creation, video editing, programming, etc.
* The ultra-performance mode allows, by concentrating all processor cores to full power in the session and by disabling all nonessential background programs, the computer to trigger its capabilities whenever it wishes.
* Resistance Mode: Reduces battery consumption when the priority is long-term for a specific laptop or for activities that do not require power, such as word processing or browsing the Internet.
The Resistance Mode manages to run the computer's processor in the lowest mode to reduce its power consumption

3 - Cleaning the PC

* Without periodic cleaning, unused files quickly clutter PCs. The old Junk File Sweep tool searches for unused folders and frees up a lot of disk space.
* The Internet Cleanup Tool removes items that clutter the network and speeds up your connection.
* The similar application cleaner (CRUDD Remover ™) detects redundant programs that can affect the performance of your PC, to determine which ones to keep and which to delete.
* The Duplicate File Inspector ™ searches for and removes duplicate programs and files that you do not use.
* Uninstall Wizard: Lets you locate the unnecessary program that provides the installers and uninstall the necessary programs.

4 - Enhanced security

* To avoid the loss of sensitive data, System Mechanic® offers several powerful tools.
* The Security Optimizer ™ identifies failures and destroys items left by the traditional antivirus. The automatic defence (System Guard ™) blocks start-up programs and unauthorized configuration changes.
* The registry backup permits you to get back to the saved state of your PC if Windows is damaged.

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